Price list
Gynaecology Price  
Gynaecologic appointment
The price excludes cervical smear test (Pap test) and ultrasound scans
from 80 €  
Gynaecological procedures
Price Eira Terveystili*
TVT incontinence surgery, local anaesthesia and sedation 2570 € 221,10 €/month
Hysteroscopy in general anaesthesia from 3224 € 275,60 €/month
Uterus prolapssurgery in general anaesthesia
Overnight at the ward
5029 €
545 €/night
426,00 €/month
Operative removal of the uterus in general anaesthesia
Overnight at the ward
6031 €
545 €/night
509,50 €/month
An administrative fee of 16,95 € is added. Prices do not include laboratory or X-ray examinations.
* Eira Terveystili: e.g. with a 12 months interest installment (includes arrangement and administration fees 83 €).