Price list

Evaluation of health condition

Lighter hospitalization
patients who partly manage by themselves
445 €
535 €
basic care for bedridden patients, patients who are in for examination,
alcohol withdrawal care, palliative care, surgery patients (not demanding surgery)
545 € 655 €
Hourly rates on Ward (max. 6h) 85 €/h  

The in-patient service include:

  • hospital bed
  • hospital meals
  • the care that caregivers provide

Medical fees, laboratory and X-ray examinations, physical care and other possible examinations are separately charged for.

Care days are billed from noon to noon. Admission day counts as one day, except if patient is discharged before 15:00. In that case patient is charged by the hour (pls see our houry rate). Patient is also charged by the hour if he on egress day is discharged after noon but before 18:00 (hourly rates apply for hospitalization).

An administrative fee of 17,90 € will be added.  Prices do not include laboratory or X-ray examinations, physical care or other possible examinations. Wage costs for any private attendants are billed separately. For a reserved but unused hospital bed we charge a cancellation fee. In case it is cancelled after 15.00 the day before planned arrival, we charge a whole dayly fee. If cancellation is done at least three days in advance, we charge half of the daily fee.