We have many years’ experience of performing varicose vein, cataract, inguinal hernia and breast reduction surgery and we perform surgery using the latest technology. Read more about the services we offer for patients with HUS vouchers and make an appointment for the surgery. You will get an appointment at the clinic and for the surgery quickly.


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Varicose Vein surgery with a HUS voucher

We have many years’ experience of performing laser surgery on varicose veins.

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Cataract surgerywith a HUS voucher

At Eira Hospital, cataract surgery is also performed in return for HUS vouchers. The excess includes surgery with a quality monofocal lens, the ophthalmologist’s initial evaluation on the day of the surgery and examinations to choose the right lens.

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Breast reduction with a HUS voucher

At Eira, we perform breast reductions in return for payment with HUS vouchers. The excess covers the consultation with a plastic surgeon, advice from a nurse, the surgery, the overnight stay in Eira’s in-patient unit and follow-up examination about one week after the surgery.

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Surgical repair of Inguinal Hernia with a HUS voucher

We perform inguinal hernia surgery with vouchers that have been granted by HUS. The excess covers the surgeon’s clinic and the operation.

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