Physiotherapy treatment is always provided in partnership with the customer, the therapist and, when necessary, the doctor and other healthcare experts.

Our range of physiotherapy services is varied. The treatment is based on examination, measurement, supervision and advice.


Prior to an operation, it is beneficial to improve your fitness as much as possible. A physiotherapist provides instruction about how you can train at home. Prior to an operation, the physiotherapist runs through what you have to do immediately following the surgery. Maintaining your mobility as good as possible prior to an operation allows you to recover faster following the surgery.
Physiotherapy begins after an operation and you learn the movements and exercises you have to do at home. Physiotherapy is an important aspect of the recovery process following surgery.



Lower extremity clinic

The Lower Extremity Clinic specialises in excaminating and treating problems in the legs. The physiotherapist who specialises in foot problems performs an analysis of the lower extremities. Based on the results, she creates a care plan and, where necessary, support soles are produced.

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Treatment with ESWT shockwave therapy

ESWT directs an electrohydraulic energy impulse, a shockwave towards a specific point in the tissue under the skin. ESWT therapy is administered for certain chronic orthopaedic diseases and pain conditions.

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Firstbeat wellness analysis

Is the workload and the recovery from the work in balance with each other? Is your level of fitness sufficient to meet the demands of the work day? The Firstbeat method analyses your pulse over three days. Measurements taken under normal conditions provide an objective and comprehensive report of your well-being.

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Personal Training

Invest in what is most valuable to you, in yourself. Eira’s physiotherapy-trained PT will help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, achieve better posture or just feel better.

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Price list
Physiotherapy Price

Appointment with a physiotherapist*
45 min
60 min

from 78 €
from 86 €

Physiotherapist opinion or tutorial and written intructions
in combination with physiotherapy

30 €

Physiotherapist tutorial and written instructions

78 €
Home visit, 45 min
Charge for travel time / 15 min
from 84 €
46 €
Acupuncture, pain care 84 €
ESWT Shockwave Therapy / visit 226 €
Kinesio tape, roll

21 €
15 €

An administrative fee of 3,60 € is added for each visit.
* the price depends upon the physiotherapists special competences.