To book an appointment

Search for available appointments by specialty, service or specialist in our online booking and book what’s most convenient for you.
All specialists have unfortunately not listed their appointments to be booked online, so in case you have trouble finding one suitable for you please give us a call 09 1620 570.
You can also book appointments on the phone.

NB! For surgeries that require anesthetics or staying overnight, and for customers with HUCH Service Vouchers or Payment engagements, please book by phone 09 1620 570.

To change/rebook an appointment

You can easily manage your online made bookings on the webpage My bookings In order to use the service you need your booking number and personal identification number.

To cancel an appointment

It is free of charge to cancel as long as the appointment is cancelled at the latest one weekday in advance (Monday appointments to be cancelled on Friday). For no-show appointments or during the same day cancelled appointment, operation and surgery we withhold the right to charge for according to current pricing policy.

Please note that appointments for the current day must be cancelled or changed by phone 09 1620 570.

To cancel a surgery or operation

It is free of charge to cancel as long as the surgery or operation is cancelled at the latest one week in advance. Please note that cancellation must be done by phone at weekdays between 9 am till 15 pm to number 09 1620 630 or 09 1620 600.
If the cancellation is not made by instructions Eira hospital will charge 50 % of total invoice. Different times in case of illness contact Eira's in-patient unit by phone 09 1620 200.


It is most convenient to book any further tests or inspections at the receptions, since it assures you of how your treatment will proceed. Our personnel are happy to make the appointment for you!

How to find us

Our main unit is situated in the corner of Laivurinkatu and Tehtaankatu in Helsinki. A reception, an information desk and a cashier are to be found in both entrances and you are welcome to check in at the reception or at the self-service desk.

Laivurinkatu 29
Medical Centre

  • GP and specialists
  • Occupational health
  • Laboratory
  • X-ray
  • Eye surgery unit
  • Vaccinations.

Tehtaankatu 28
entrance to Eira Hospital's Surgery and Operations

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Treatments
  • Dermatology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hospital Ward
  • Sleep Clinic
  • Nurse reception. 

Arrival information:
Arriving from the center of Helsinki: busses 14, 17 and 18 as well as trams 1 and 3 stop at Eiran sairaala.
It’s mostly easy to find parking spaces along the neighboring streets.



Please show up approximately 10 minutes in advance in order to check-in and get to the waiting room without a hurry.
At the service counter please be prepared to show your ID. At most of our units there are also self-service desks. Our service personnel will point you in the right direction to the waiting room nearest the room where your specialist will see you. In our waiting rooms we offer a range of magazines, Wi-Fi and both hot and cold beverages for free.


The specialist will call you by your name once it is your turn to enter. It’s important that you tell the specialist everything that might be of relevance for your appointment. Please ask if there’s anything that concerns you – we at Eira are here for you!

You will get a referral for laboratory or x-ray if your state of health requires further testing or examination. Together with your specialist you will agree upon how to proceed with your treatment and how you will be notified of any findings. The specialist will hand you documents that you are to hand to our receptionists at the reception.


Payment is made at the reception/cashier after your appointment and any examinations. The KELA benefits are usually deductible in conjunction with payment. In order to make the deduction, please be prepared to show your KELA card. In case the KELA-benefit immediately can’t be deductible, you will be given needed documents to apply for it afterwards. For some procedures we charge prepayment.

We accept cash, debit and credit cards (Visa/Master Card/ First Card, American Express and Diners Club) and the funding service Eira Terveystili. We debit a administrative/registry fee in connection with all appointments, surgeries, examinations and ward services. The administration fee is listed in our pricelist. The fee is to be paid only once per same visit even though it includes several medical procedures or examinations.

If you have a medical insurance, please check in advance with your insurance company to what extent it will cover your care costs.

Payment through invoice is only for corporate customers and contract customers and customers who in advance have negotiated it. We debit 33,70 € extra for each invoice.

Data protection

You can read our Data Protection policy in Finnish
Eiran sairaalan tietosuojaselosteet

Contact details

Eira is a modern private hospital and medical centre with a full range service offering owned by Finnish doctors. The main unit is located in the corner of Laivurinkatu and Tehtaankatu in Southern Helsinki.

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Data protection

(In Finnish) Yksityisyytesi suojaaminen on meille tärkeää. Haluamme tarjota sinulle mahdollisimman läpinäkyvää ja selkeää tietoa siitä, miten käsittelemme henkilötietoja ja siksi olemme jakaneet tietosuojaselosteet aihealueittain.

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Opening hours
Medical Centre
Mon-Thu 8-20
Fri 8-17
Mon-Thu 8-17
Mon-Thu 9-17
Address and Contact details
Eira Medical Centre
Laivurinkatu 29, Helsinki
Occupational health
Eye Surgery
Eira Hospital
Tehtaankatu 28, Helsinki
In-patient unit
Plastic Surgery
Data protection
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