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Eira Hospital and Medical Center is a renowned private medical facility located in southern Helsinki offering wide-ranging medical services and surgical excellence in all key care areas.

Eira is known for its impeccable customer care and top-quality services. Our broad range of services include general practitioners' and specialist doctors' appointments, occupational healthcare, surgery, physiotherapy, and a large variety of other health services.

Welcome to Eira - we will take good care of you.

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General Practitioner
20 min
Lindqvist Irina
Specialist in Geriatrics, General Practitioner
Eira Medical Centre
I am currently conducting all my appointments by phone. If you schedule an appointment, I will call you at the time of the appointment using the number you have provided.
Wed 18.8.
30 min
Väänänen Hannu
Internist, Gastroenterologist
Eira Medical Centre
I also offer remote consultations, if needed. If you wish to book a remote appointment, book any appointment time and write “Remote appointment” in the “Reason for appointment” text field and I will call you to the given phone number by the time of the appointment.
Varicose Vein Surgery, Vascular Surgery
Mon 9.8.
30 min
Albäck Anders
Specialist in Surgery and Vascular Surgery
Eira Medical Centre
No patients with a HUCH (HUS) voucher.
Ophthalmologist, ophthalmology
Tue 31.8.
30 min
Heickell Aurora
Specialist in ophthamology
Eira Medical Centre
Eira Stomach Clinic

Are you suffering from generalised stomach symptoms? Do you have bloating, constipation or diarrhoea? Does stress cause you stomach problems or do you suffer from heartburn after meals? Would you finally like to know what is causing your symptoms? Or perhaps you already have a diagnosis, but you need additional information and support. The specialists at Eira Stomach Clinic are happy to help you with your stomach problems.

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Joint prosthesis surgery can help in cases of osteoarthritis

Physiotherapy and medication can be helpful initially for those who suffer from osteoarthritis. A joint prosthesis operation becomes pertinent when the symptoms disrupt everyday life.

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General Practice

You can consult a general practitioner at Eira on weekdays and appointments are usually available the same day. Our general practitioners also issue certificates of general health status.

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Plastic surgery

Eira Hospital has many years’ experience of various types of plastic surgery. We offer a diverse range of plastic surgery services and high-class expertise that is backed up by the latest technology. The surgery is performed in a safe hospital environment. In addition to demanding plastic surgery, we also offer milder aesthetic treatments.

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Alcohol Detoxification Clinic

Alcohol detoxification patients are always treated with respect for the patient’s privacy at Eira Hospital. Our services include detoxification treatment in the in-patient unit, consultations with doctors specialising in addiction, psychiatrist who specialise in addiction and therapists. They also include a rehabilitation course and guided self-help group.

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Gynaecology and gynaecological surgeries

Eira Hospital offers comprehensive gynaecological services for women of all ages. We have several gynaecologists with whom it is easy to make an appointment when you are worried about something or you want to come in for a routine check-up. We also have many years’ experience of performing gynaecological surgery.

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