ICL as an alternative to laser surgery

ICL refers to a lens similar to a soft contact lens, which is placed during surgery between the eye’s natural lens and colored iris. The lens works the eye’s existing lens to bend (refract) light on the retina, which produces clearer vision. The lens adapts completely to the eye and is not noticeable at all. ICL is a good option if the refractive error is large or the cornea is particularly thin.

The pupil is the best place for refractive error correction, especially in severe nearsightedness. In Excimer laser surgery for large myopia corrections, small optical correction on the cornea has to be used, because the thickness of the cornea (about 0.5 mm) does not allow an optical part of more than 6.0 mm to be made on the cornea. ICL thus offers the best possible visual quality for severe nearsightedness.

ICL lenses are manufactured by the Swiss pharmaceutical company STAAR, and the lenses made of patented collamer material. Collamer is a tissue-friendly, very soft and light material.

from Pre-examination to ICL surgery

Before ICL surgery, you will undergo a preliminary eye examination at Eira Hospital, checking the suitability of the eyes for ICL surgery and chooses the best possible refractive error correction method (OCT).

In the preliminary examination, the refractive power of the eye, intraocular pressure, curvature of the cornea and the condition of the fundus are examined and the dimensions of the eye are measured with ultrasound.

After a preliminary examination, you will be ordered a made-to-measure ICL from the manufacturer. When the delivery time of the ICL is confirmed, the date of the surgery is agreed with the eye surgeon.

Stages of ICL surgery

The surgery is performed a few weeks after the preliminary examination. It is done under local anesthesia and takes about half an hour.

  1. A 3 mm incision is made in the eye, which will close without stitches.
  2. The ICL is installed between the pupil and the iris.
  3. You can go home approximately two hours after the operation.

The first check-up is the next morning. After this, there are three checks in the first year, and after that your eyes are checked annually.

Risks of ICL surgery

Complications of ICL surgeries can be intraocular inflammation, increased intraocular pressure or the development of cataracts. These side effects are rare, but always possible. That is why it is necessary to check your eyes regularly. After ICL surgery, you will be on sick leave for two weeks, and you will need to apply antibiotic eye drops in the operated eye for two weeks.

A popular method backed by years of experience

ICL has been in use worldwide since 1993, when the first ICLs were fitted to people. Since then, ICL has already been installed on tens of thousands and the number is growing steadily.

The ICL eye surgeons at Eira Hospital have completed the international qualifications required for ICL surgeries, bringing ICL surgeries within everyone's reach.

Book a free optician's pre-examination

Our hospital opticians map the health of your eyes with the help of extensive examinations. The eye surgeon analyzes the examinations and assesses whether ICL surgery is suitable for you. On the day of the operation, before the operation, you will meet the eye surgeon, who will discuss the eye examinations performed and the proposed surgical method. Visiting the optician's free preliminary examination does not obligate you to make an appointment for surgery.

This is all free of charge. No other expenses.

Contact lenses cannot be used for a week before the preliminary examination or surgery.

Book a free pre-examination
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Surgeons performing ICL operations in Eira
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Price list
ICL vision correction surgery Price Eira Terveystili*
Optician's pre-examination, incl. surgeon's evaluation 0 €  
ICL vision correction surgery
2994 €/eye 254,40 €/month
ICL surgery with astigmatism correction 3678 €/eye 311,40 €/month
Follow-ups Price
1 month after surgery with ophthalmologist 120-180 €  
6 months after surgery with optician 65 €  
Kukkonen Kirsi-Tiina, Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon
Oksman Petri, Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon
Suominen Sakari, Specialist in ophthalmology, eye surgeon

An outpatient clinic fee 22,90 € and Kanta-fee 2,30 € are added, except for free pre-examinations.
*Eira Terveystili: e.g. with a 12 months interest installment (includes administration fees 58,80 €)