Medical examination for visa applications

At Eira Hospital, we issue medical examination certificates for work, studies as well as long-term residencies. The instructions below apply to visa applications to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Before coming to the examination, please find out what type of visa you are applying for in your destination country. The visa type affects the content and cost of the examination.


Preparing for the medical examination appointment

Please bring with you all of the following:

  1. A valid passport (no photocopy) that you used to apply for visa at the embassy
  2. The embassy form with the identification number of your visa application
  3. An up-to-date vaccination certificate
  4. Please have your photo taken at the embassy-approved photo studio before your medical examination appointment:

    Fotolafka / Kortex Oy
    Address: Kasarmikatu 26, 00130 Helsinki
    Tel. 09 270 91250
    See opening hours on the photo studio's website.
    The photos are paid at the studio and delivered directly to Eira hospital.

Book a medical examination for visa certification

Please fill out the form below to book an appointment for a visa certificate. We will contact you within three business days. You must be reachable by phone so that we can book an examination for you. If you have a Finnish social security number, please enter it in the form below.

Note! One form/person. If you have any questions about visas, please contact

Your visa application identification number (casenumber, IME, HAP ID, NZER etc.):
The physician's fee will be charged at the reception even if the visa certification appointment cannot be carried out due to missing preparations on the applicant's side.

If necessary, the required vaccinations for the visa certificate are provided. In addition, adult clients will have necessary lab tests and X-ray imaging taken. The examinations, photos and vaccinations will be charged for in addition to the physician's fee. The certificate is ready approximately two weeks after your visit.

Further information regarding the requirements of the visa certificate can be found on the website of the embassy in question.

Price list

PAYMENT METHODS: You can pay by debit and credit cards (Visa/Visa Electron, Master Card, First card (Eurocard), American Express and Diners Club) and MobilePay.

Visa certificates, doctor's appointment Price

Doctor's appointment for visa certificate, adult

Doctor's appointment for visa certificate, child (under 15 years)

from 320 €

from 215 €

Doctors at Eira hospital who write visa certifications

Back Anna, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand
Lindberg Otto, Canada, USA

In addition to the physician's fee, laboratory and X-ray examinations as well as vaccinations required by visa certification are charged separately:

Laboratory examinations

New Zealand

Price estimate, adults and 11 years+

28 € – 355 €
from 216 €
75 € – 164 €
465 € – 614 €


Australia, Canada, New Zealand

Price estimate, adults

 no mandatory vaccinations
49 € – 425 €

X-ray examinations (thorax imaging for visa applications)

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA


171 €

A processing fee of 53 € and a Kanta fee of 2,70 € are added to the price of visa certificates. Printed certificates are 8,40 € per examination.
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