Eira Hospital’s laboratory offers a wide range of laboratory services with the help of modern apparatus. Our expert staff ensure that your visit to the laboratory is a smooth as possible. The majority of samples for laboratory examinations can be taken in conjunction with your clinic appointment. You need to fast before leaving some blood samples and for these you should come separately. More detailed instructions are given to you by the doctor, the nurse or one of the laboratory staff on 09 1620 700.


Eira Laboratory
Mon-Thu 8-17
Fri 8-16
Thu 20/6
Fri 21/6
1-31/7 8-15


Eira Medical Centre Laboratory
Laivurinkatu 29, 00150 Helsinki, Finland
Phone 09 1620 700


You can come to the laboratory during opening hours without an appointmnet.

NB: Eira Medical Center does not offer laboratory testing for coronavirus.

For some examinations appointments are required.

The following examinations require appointments:

  • Cardiac stress testing (Ras-Ekg)
  • Spirometry (Pt-Spri)
  • Bronchodilation (Pt-BrDil)
  • Holter ECG
  • Symptom ECG
  • 24h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • Concise sleep polygraphy
  • Handheld symptom ECG (PulseOn).

Instructions about how to prepare ahead of an examination will be given to you by the doctor or nurse.
You can make an appointment at the laboratory by calling 09 1620 700.

You can also come in for some blood tests without a referral from the doctor. There as an additional administration fee. We send the results and the reference values to your home address. Interpretation of the laboratory results is the job of a doctor. Should you wish to discuss the results with a doctor, you can make an appointment with the doctor you want by calling 09 1620 570 or by using the online reservation service.



So that the blood circulation is more even, you must arrive at the laboratory 15 minutes prior to your appointment if possible.
We call customers who have made an appointment in to provide samples by name, otherwise we call the queue number.

You are given the results by the doctor treating you. If you also request to have the results yourself, we send them to your home address by post. The results of blood tests that are taken without a doctor’s referral are always poster to your home address. The results of blood test that require monitoring (INR, Glucose) are provide by telephone by the nurse on the same day.

The laboratory’s telephone number is 09 1620 700.


Vitamin measurements

Come in and find out if you are getting enough of vitamins D and B12. No referral is required and you can come to the laboratory during opening hours.

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Laboratory price list

Health examinations

Health examinations Price
Alcohol consumption test (B-PEth)
86,00 €
Vitamin B12 (S-B12-TC2) 60,00 €
Vitamin D (s-D-25)
71,00 €
Ferritin (S-Ferrit) 57,00 €
Folate (fS-Folaat) 85,50 €
Calcium(fS-Ca) 36,00 €
Cholesterol, lipid profile (P-Lipid) 72,00 €
Sugar stress test (Pt-Gluk-R1) 87,00 €
Blood count, complete (B-TVK+TKD) 64,00 €
Blood count, basic (B-PVK+T) 39,00 €
Blood sugar (fP-Gluk) 28,00 €
Blood sugar monitoring, longterm (B-HbA1C) 65,00 €
Night polygraphy, narrow (sleep registration at home) 371,00 € 

Allergy, asthma and lung examinations

Allergy, asthma and lung examinations Price
Spirometry study 103 € 
Lung function test under medication (Pt-BrDil)
The test requires a doctor's referral.
147 €

Gynecological and urological examinations

Gynecological and urological examinations Price
Gynecological bulk cell sample (Pt-PAPA-1)
69,00 €
Prostate function test (P-PSA) 72,00 €
Prostate cancer risk test (Stockholm3 test) 446,00 €
Testosterone (S-Testo) 105,50 €

Infection examinations

Infection examinations Price
Bacterial culture from urine (U-BaktVi)
29,00 €
Bacterial culture from feces (F-BaktVi1) 97,00 €
Borrelia antibodies (S-BorrAb) 91,00 €
C-reactive protein (P-CRP) 38,00 €
Mycoplasma pneumoniae, antibodies (S-MypnAb) 95,50 €
Salmonella culture, feces (F-SalmVi) 50,00 €
Fungal cultivation, nail, skin (Sk-SienVi) 97,00 €
Streptococcal test, pharynx (Ps-StrAAg)  39,00 €
Streptococcal culture, pharynx (Ps-StrVi) 47,00 €

Thyroid tests

Thyroid tests Price
Thyroid test, free Triiodothyronine (S-T3-V)
99,00 €
Thyroid test, Thyrotropin (S-TSH)
62,00 €
Thyroid test, free Thyroxine (S-T4-V) 62,00 €

Muscles and joint examinations

Muscles and joint examinations Price
Creatine Kinase (S-CK)
45,00 €
Gout test (P-Uraat) 28,00 €
Rheumatism test (S-RF) 45,00 €
Rheumatoid test, citrulline peptide, antibodies (S-CCPAb) 64,50 €

Venereal disease tests

Venereal disease tests Price
Chlamydia test from first urine (U-ChtrNhO)
79,00 €
HIV test (S-HIVAgAb) 73,50 €
Chlamydia and gonorrhea test from first urine (U-CtGcNhO) 81,00 €

Heart and blood circulation examinations

Heart and blood circulation examinations Price
Hertta heart attack and diabetes risk test
196,00 €
Coronary artery disease risk assessment (fS-LipoB) 73,50 €
Cardiovascular disease risk assessment, sensitive CRP (S-hsCRP) 48,00 €
EKG (Pt-EKG-12) 62,00 €
ECG long-term registration PulseOn
1 week
2 weeks
3 weeks
4 weeks

294,00 €
357,00 €
420,00 €
462,00 €
Cardiac stress test, stress EKG (Pt-KIR-tje) 393,00 €
24-hour heart monitoring, Holter-EKG (Pt-EKG-24/48h) 392,00 €
24-hour heart monitoring, Symptom-driven ECG (EKG, OIRE 3-6 days) 335,00 €
Chronic heart failure test (P-proBNP) 99,00 €
Sed rate (B-La) 23,00 €
Blood coagulation test, Thromboplastin time (P-TT-INR) 40,00 €
Long-term registration of blood pressure 403,00 €

Stomach, liver, kidney examinations

Stomach, liver, kidney examinations Price
Pancreatic Test (P-Amyl) 28,00 €
Calprotectin (F-Calpro) 123,00 €
Celiac package, narrow 42,50 €
Celiac package, medium 67,00 €
Celiac package,extensive 91,00 €
Lactose test, DNA test (B-Lakt-D) 73,50 €
Stomach health examination, Gastropanel (fP-GastPan) 276,00 €
Liver test (P-ALAT)
28,00 €
Liver test (P-ASAT) 28,00 €
Liver test (P-Gt) 28,00 €
Liver and bone test (P-Afos) 28,00 €
Alcohol abuse monitoring, Desialotransferrin (S-CDT) 95,50 €
Kidney test, Creatinine (P-Krea) 28,00 €
Fluid balance test, Potassium (P-K) 28,00
Fluid balance test, Sodium (P-Na)
Kanta-fee 2,70 € will be charged from every appointment that involves saving information to the Kanta archive. Home visit fee 85 € to the areas of Eira, Ullanlinna, Punavuori + possible travel expenses.
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