Cancer is a collective term that encompasses many different diseases that behave quite differently. Cancer derived from the same organ can behave in completely different ways in different patients. That is why cancer treatment is always selected individually for each patient.

Different forms of cancer organised on the basis of their location or manner of growth

Usually, cancer is not hereditary, with heredity only explaining 5–15% of all forms of cancer. The vast bulk of cases of cancer are the result of factors that have caused cell mutation. These factors include radiation, some viruses, toxins in the environment, tobacco and obesity. In Finland, cancer is the second biggest killer after diseases of the cardiovascular system. Over 20,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.


If you suspect that you have developed breast cancer or have been given a cancer diagnosis, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Tom Wiklund, who is our cancer specialist. If something other than breast cancer is suspected, make an appointment first with a specialist in the relevant speciality. Eira Hospital has specialists in various forms of cancer within a range of specialities. Get to know them and check when their next available appointment is.

You can easily make an appointment online at a time that best suits you!

Specialist in Oncology at Eira Hospital
Wiklund Tom Oncologist
Specialists within different types of oncology at Eira Hospital
Hjerppe Anna Specialist in skin diseases and allergology Book an appointment
Koskenmies Sari Specialist in dermatology Book an appointment
Ylitalo Leea Specialist in dermatology Book an appointment
Price list

Appointment with a specialist in Oncology, 30 min    from 136 €
Appointment with a specialist in Dermatology, 30 min    from 110 € 
Appointment with a specialist in Urology, 30 min    from 121 €  
 Appointment with a specialist in Plastic surgery, 30 min   from 130 €   
Appointment with a specialist in Gynaecology, 30 min    from 140 € 
An administrative fee of 17,90 € will be added.  Prices does not include e.g. Pap Tests or Pelvic Ultrasounds