Examination and removal of moles

Skin changes are often harmless, but if they become troublesome or are causing you concern, it is always a good idea to have a specialist examine them.

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Correction of scars

Troublesome scars can either be removed surgically or corrected with the help of CO2 lasers.

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Injection treatment – filler and Botulinum toxin treatment that smooths out the skin of the face

Injection treatments are known as soft lifts, i.e. effective ways to smooth out small wrinkles and furrows in order to achieve moderately filled out or characterised facial features in a non-surgical way.

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Ultrashape™ body contouring – a way to get rid of fat without surgery

UltraShape™ is a simple, safe and pain-free method of reducing body fat without surgery and general anaesthetic. The UltraShape treatments reduce the number of fat cells permanently and have been developed by plastic surgeons.

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IPL treatment for troublesome hair and for skin treatment

The IPL treatment works using light impulses to rejuvenate the skin, improve acne, remove troublesome hair on the skin and remove superficial blood vessels from the skin.

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Laser tattoo removal

Tattoos are more popular than ever, but even a carefully chosen tattoo can become problematic. It is very common to want to remove a tattoo perhaps when you have regrets or when the tattoo has changed colour and shape with time as the skin quality changes. A trustworthy hospital environment is a not only safe, but also an effective place to get rid of a tattoo you no longer want.

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CO2 laser treatment for skin changes and facial treatment

Various laser treatments are used extensively to tackle skin changes and for skin smoothing. At Eira Hospital, we use a CO2 laser apparatus, among other methods, which is both effective and accurate.

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Free consultation with Eira’s plastic surgery nurse

Do you have questions about plastic surgery treatment, procedures or operations? Make an appointment for a free consultation with out plastic surgery nurse!

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