Price list
ICL vision correction surgery Price Eira Terveystili*
Optician's pre-examination, incl. surgeon's evaluation 0 €  
ICL vision correction surgery
2994 €/eye 254,40 €/month
ICL surgery with astigmatism correction 3678 €/eye 311,40 €/month
Follow-ups Price
1 month after surgery with ophthalmologist 120-180 €  
6 months after surgery with optician 65 €  
Kukkonen Kirsi-Tiina, Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon
Oksman Petri, Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon
Suominen Sakari, Specialist in ophthalmology, eye surgeon

An outpatient clinic fee 22,90 € and Kanta-fee 2,30 € are added, except for free pre-examinations.
*Eira Terveystili: e.g. with a 12 months interest installment (includes administration fees 58,80 €)