Driving License Certificate

You need a driving licence certificate if you are going to apply for a new driving licence. Professional drivers also need to obtain a medical certificate at regular intervals. Driving licence certificates are issued by general practitioners at Eira Hospital.

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Seafarer's Certificates

You can have your seafarer’s certificate renewed at Eira Hospital. Seafarer’s certificates are issued by a maritime health doctor.

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Certificate of Medical Fitness to Dive

Diving requires the body to tolerate variations in pressure. A medical certificate that guarantees the diver’s safety is required for a diving certificate. A certificate of medical fitness is required for both sport divers and professional divers.

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Visa Certificates

At Eira Hospital, we can issue visa certificates for work permits, long-term residence permits or studying, among other things. The applicant should bring their passport, vaccination record and necessary documentation stating in detail what needs to be examined.

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Price list
Health Certificates Price
Certificate for Drivers licence, including GP appointment from 135 €
Seafarer’s certificate from 193 €
Certificate of Medical Fitness to dive (for hobby and recreational divers) from 193 €
Visa certificate, adult from 305 €
Visa certificate, child (under 15 years) from 200 €
An outpatient clinic fee 22,90 € and Kanta fee of 2,30 € are added.
Prices do not include vaccinations, laboratory or X-ray examinations.
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