A seafarer’s certificate includes a health assessment in which the doctor, among other things, measures your blood pressure, listens to your lungs and heart and tests you vision and hearing.

NB! You need to book two consecutive consultations for a seafarer’s certificate. No Norwegian seafarers medical certificates.

Doctors at Eira Hospital who handle SEAFARER’S CERTIFICATES
Lindberg_Otto.jpg Lindberg Otto Specialist in Geriatrics, General Practitioner Book an appointment
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Lindberg Otto
Specialist in Geriatrics, General Practitioner
Eira Medical Centre
I also offer remote appointments, if needed. If You wish to book a remote appointment, please call our customer service tel. 09 1620 570.
If you are applying for a visa certificate, please make a booking by phone 09 1620 570. For driver's license certificate please make a booking for two 30-minute appointments.
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Price list
Health Certificates Price
Driving license certificate from 135 €
Seafarer’s certificate from 193 €
Certificate of Medical Fitness to dive (for hobby and recreational divers) from 193 €
Visa certificate, adult from 305 €
Visa certificate, child (under 15 years) from 200 €
An outpatient clinic fee 22,90 € and Kanta fee of 2,30 € are added. A processing fee of 50 € and a Kanta fee of 2,30 € are added to the price of visa certificates.
Prices do not include vaccinations, laboratory or X-ray examinations.
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