Tuomikoski Pauliina

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Exam:MD 2007, PhD 2010, Specialist in ObGyn 2015, adjunct professor 2016. Helsinki University, Faculty of Medicine.
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English

I take care of all kinds common gynecological problems, such as climacteric complaints and menstrual disorders.
My professional interests include comprehensive care of the midlife woman, including hormone therapy, and I have done research in menopausal cardiovascular health and hormone therapy for over 10 years.

My other interests include treating menstrual complaints, such as PMS, and family planning. I aim at finding a suitable contraception for every woman. At my office I also have pessaries to treat uterine or vaginal prolapse.


Services:Pap Test (Cervical smear)
Hormone Therapy
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) examination
Adolecent Gynecology
Sleep Clinic Expert
Urinary incontinence
Gynecological ultrasound examination
Expert for the Healthclub for women
Special knowledge:

Menopausal health and hormone therapy, menstrual complaints and family planning.

Price of an appointment does not include Pap smear or ultrasound.

Doctor's fee max 30 min Specialistfrom 124.50 €
Doctor's fee max 45 min Specialistfrom 175.50 €
Remote appointment max 10 min Specialistfrom 25.00 €
Remote appointment max 20 min Specialistfrom 85.00 €
An outpatient clinic fee 20,90 € is added to the price of the appointment. Comission fee 8,90 € is added to remote appointments. With a series of treatments an outpatient clinic fee is 4,90 €/treatment. Kanta-fee 2,10 € will be charged from every appointment that involves saving information to the Kanta archive.
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