Booking appointments

Search for available appointments by specialty, service or specialist in our online booking and book what’s most convenient for you. Not all specialists have their appointments listed online, so in case you have trouble finding one suitable for you please give us a call 09 1620 570. You can also book appointments on the phone.

NB! For surgeries that require anesthetics or staying overnight, and for customers with HUCH Service Vouchers or Payment engagements, please book by phone 09 1620 570

Change or rebook appointments

You can manage the bookings you made through our online booking system via our new My bookings service. Sign in to the service using your bank credentials or mobile ID. When identified you can modify or cancel upcoming bookings, when there is at least 24 hours until the beginning of your appointment.

Cancelling appointments

If there is more than 24 hours until the appointment:

  • You can cancel/change your booking on the website through strong authentication in the My Bookings section.
  • You can cancel/change the appointment by phone at 09 1620 570 during the customer service hours Mon-Fri 8-16. Check opening hours here.
If there is less than 24 hours until the appointment:
  • You can cancel/change the appointment by phone at 09 1620 570 during the customer service hours Mon-Fri 8-16. Check opening hours here.
  • When the customer service is closed, you can cancel the appointment by email at (Mon-Fri 16→)
  • Cancellation by email is only allowed for acute appointments for the same evening or following day.
  • Please note that the email can only be used to cancel an upcoming appointment. We do not change or book new appointments via email messages.

NOTE! For appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance, we reserve the right to charge a fee according to the current price list.


Canceling surgery or operation

It is free of charge to cancel as long as the surgery or operation is cancelled at the latest one week in advance. Plastic surgery operations need to be cancelled six weeks ahead of the scheduled date. Please note that cancellation must be done by phone at weekdays between 9 am till 15 pm to number 09 1620 630 or 09 1620 600.

If the cancellation has not been made according to the above instructions, Eira Hospital has the right to charge 100% of the final amount of the invoice.

In case of illness, advance payments will only be refunded against a medical certificate. Your own notification is not enough. In case of illness at other times, contact our in-patient services at 09 1620 200. If Eira Hospital has to cancel the procedure, any advance payment will be returned to the patient immediately.

Booking of follow-ups or further care

It is most convenient to book any further tests or inspections at our reception, since it assures you of how your treatment will proceed. Our personnel are happy to make the appointment for you!