Pre-examination for laser vision correction and refractive lens exchange

Consult the hospital optician and find out if you can correct your refractive error with laser vision correction or refractive lens exchange. During the pre-examination, your eyes are photographed and measured by the hospital optician using various instruments in order to work out which method is most appropriate for your eyes.

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Smile laser vision correction

Thanks to the latest SMILE technology, it is possible to correct refractive errors without making the traditional incision in the cornea. The surface of the eye remains more intact and the risk of dry eyes is reduced. Studies show that the results of SMILE treatments are excellent.

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Refractive lens exchange

Get rid of your progressive glasses with a refractive lens exchange! The refractive lens exchange is sometimes called a presbyopia surgery as it corrects near vision. But in addition to presbyopia, the refractive lens exchange also corrects distance vision and any astigmatism.

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Cataract surgery

Do glasses no longer help? Does it feel like your vision is blurry despite having recently received new glasses? Have the ophthalmologist specialising in cataracts excaminate whether cataract surgery could be for you. Cataracts can be removed, even before your vision has deteriorated markedly. Make an appointment for a comprehensive pre-examination.

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If you have problems with your vision or your eye looks different, you should consult an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist diagnosis and treats eye diseases and can examinate errors of refraction and have them corrected.

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Cataract surgery with a HUS voucher

At Eira Hospital, cataract surgery is also performed in return for HUS vouchers. The excess includes surgery with a quality monofocal lens, the ophthalmologist’s initial evaluation on the day of the surgery and examinations to choose the right lens.

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Eye surgeons, ophthalmologists and opticians at Eira Hospital
Heickell Aurora Specialist in ophthamology Book an appointment
Oksman Erja Specialist in ophthalmology Book an appointment
Sarmela Johanna Specialist in ophthalmology, eye surgeon Book an appointment
Virtanen Minna Specialist in ophthamology, ophthalmic surgeon
Price list
Eye surgery  
Appointment with an Ophthalmologist from 90 €

An administrative fee of 17,90 €  and Kanta-fee 1,95 € are added.  Prices do not include laboratory or X-ray examinations.

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