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Facelifts and aesthetic treatments

Plastic surgery offers several options for correcting changes in the facial area that are associated with ageing and various other causes.

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Safe, high quality breast surgery

At Eira Hospital, we have many years’ experience of performing breast surgery: breast augmentation and breast reduction and breast-lifts. We also perform breast reconstruction following breast cancer treatment.

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Plastic surgery and aesthetic treatments for the body

The body changes over the course of a person’s life for many different reasons. Age, weight gain or loss and pregnancy, for example, change the body’s appearance. Modern plastic surgery offers help in cases where this becomes troublesome in everyday life.

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Aesthetic treatments of the skin

It is a good idea to have scars, moles and various warts examined by a doctor. As the years go by, the skin loses it’s elasticity and it may feel like time for aesthetic treatments. The surgeons at Eira Hospital have many years’ experience of these.

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Free consultation with Eira’s plastic surgery nurse

Do you have questions about plastic surgery treatment, procedures or operations? Make an appointment for a free consultation with out plastic surgery nurse!

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