Feodoroff Benjamin

Specialist in geriatrics
Exam:MD, PhD
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English

I am a specialist in geriatrics, with formal competence in comprehensive geriatric assessment, optimization of medical treatment, rehabilitation, and dementia. Previous work experience includes general practice, internal medicine, neurology, and geriatric psychiatry. I firmly believe that multidisciplinar, sustainable work is needed to improve the health of the elderly. 

MD 2007, MD PhD 2012, and specialist in geriatrics from Helsinki University. Work experience from Porvoo hospital, Jorvi hospital, Espoo hospital, Sipoo and Munkkiniemi health centers, Helsinki home care, and Helsinki geriatric clinic.

Services:Eira Kotilääkäri service
Geriatric care
Holistic charting of health status
Memory testing
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