Merkkola-von Schantz Päivi

Plastic surgeon
Exam:M.D., Ph.D
Language skills:Finnish, Swedish, English

I primarily work as a specialist in plastic surgery at the plastic surgery unit of the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), where I treat a wide range of plastic surgery patients. I also run a private practice at Eira Hospital. By combining private and public healthcare work, I maintain a diverse skill set and a high volume of surgeries. 

I have specialised in breast shaping surgery, including reduction, lifting, enlargement, fat transfer, and treatment of breast developmental disorders. My expertise includes reconstructive plastic surgery and microsurgery, especially in relation to tissue deficiencies following breast cancer surgery. My skill set also includes body sculpting surgery, particularly after weight loss or pregnancy, and correction of abdominal muscle separation. I am also proficient in the removal of skin changes and soft tissue tumors, as well as scar and wound treatments. Additionally, I perform upper eyelid surgeries and botulinum toxin treatments.

I regularly educate myself by participating in national and international training programs and actively contribute to writing medical publications. Furthermore, I teach medical students. I earned my Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Helsinki, focusing on breast reduction surgery (Reduction mammaplasty – pre- and postoperative detection of breast cancer and lesions associated with increased risk).

Each patient is unique. My aim in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is to achieve a natural final result by listening to your needs. I greatly emphasise tailoring your treatment to achieve the best possible outcome for you. The foundation of everything is high-quality, personalised, and medically safe care.

Specialities:Plastic Surgery
Services:Correction of scars, consultation
Injectable treatments - Botulin toxin
Plastic surgery clinic specialist
Breast lift
Breast reduction surgery
Breast augmentation using fat transfer
Eyelid surgery
Abdominal wall surgery
Diastasis recti surgery
Eyelid surgery chargeable consultation with surgeon
Doctor's fee max 30 min Specialistfrom 169.00 €
An outpatient clinic fee 26,30 € is added to the price of the appointment. With a series of treatments an outpatient clinic fee is 6,30 €/treatment. Kanta-fee 2,70 € will be charged from every appointment that involves saving information to the Kanta archive.
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Merkkola-von Schantz Päivi
Plastic surgeon
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