Financing and part payment – Do you want to pay by invoice or in installments that fit your budget?

With Eira's Health Account, you can easily and affordably finance clinic appointments, surgeries and procedures.

The creditor for Eira's Health Account is Resurs Bank AB. The granting of credit is preceded by an assessment of creditworthiness and the granting is decided unilaterally by Resurs Bank. In connection with the credit application, a credit information check is also carried out. You can find more information in the General Credit Account Terms attached to the credit application.

Please remember to apply for funding in advance so that you can receive a decision before the agreed surgery, procedure or appointment. 

How do I  pay with credit from resurs bank ab?

After receiving a positive credit decision, you can use your credit when doing business at Eiras hospital and medical centre.

Please note that the credit amount is not automatically debited from your credit account, but debiting takes place either at the cash desk (Eira reception), or through your surgery department contact person via certified payment.

Appointments: with financing, the visit is charged as normal after your appointment at the Eira reception cash desk. Remember to bring your personal ID.

Surgeries and procedures charged in advance: Surgeries and some procedures are paid for in advance. When you have received a financing decision from Resurs Bank AB, please contact our surgery department by phone at 09 1620 600 or by e-mail at to confirm using credit to pay for the upcoming surgery / procedure.

For eye surgeries, contact our eye clinic at 09 1620 300 or


Apply today – get your financing decision right away!

You can easily apply for a financing decision with the application link below. You can conveniently pay in installments and choose the amount of the monthly installment yourself! Fill out the application form carefully and note the following:

  • Check that your ID is correct.
  • Check that your contact information (e.g. phone number and email address) is correct.
  • Pay attention to the difference between gross and net income (gross = before taxes / net = after taxes).
  • The maximum credit amount is 10,000 €.

You can also apply for credit by sending a text message to EIRA number 18 311. This way the maximum credit amount is 2,000 €.


Paying off the credit — interest-free payment up to 12 months!

Resurs Bank delivers a credit invoice to your home the month following the month of purchase, letting you choose the payment option that suits you best. You always get 30-60 days of interest-free and cost-free payment time or up to 12 months of interest-free payment time (with a processing fee of 7,00 €/month). You can spread the credit amount over a longer payment period and choose from several different payment options.

Fill out the financing application here >>

If you have any questions about the application, financing options or account conditions, you are welcome to contact Resurs Bank's customer service, tel. 09 622 4308 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).

If you need help filling out the form, book an appointment with our customer service  on 09 1620 570.