Financing and part payment – Do you want to pay by invoice or in installments that fit your budget?

Applying for financing is easy and fast. When you know the amount you want to finance, you can fill in the electronic application below. Lender Resurs Bank AB, Finland branch.

How you benefit from Eira’s Health Account:

Resurs Bank delivers a credit invoice to your home the month following the month of purchase, when you choose the payment option that suits you best. You always get 30-60 days of interest-free and cost-free payment time, or up to 12 months of interest-free payment time (in this case the processing fee is €4,90/month). Alternatively you can spread the purchase amount over a longer payment period and choose from several different payment options.

After receiving a positive credit decision, you can use your credit when doing business at Eira hospital and medical centre. Please bring your ID with you!

Please note that we do not have direct debit from Resurs Bank. Please remember to go and sign the payment from your credit at the Eira cash desk after your appointment/surgery/procedure. 

Applying for the Eira’s Health Account

Fill in the below application form carefully, and pay special attention to the following:

  • Make sure you enter your personal identity code correctly.
  • Make sure you enter your contact information (e.g. telephone number and e-mail address) correctly.
  • When entering your income information, remember the difference between gross (before taxes) and net (after taxes) income.
  • Please notice that the application and credit terms are available only in Finnish and Swedish.


Open the financing application here >>

Please note! If the financing brochure or the account terms and conditions do not open in your browser, you may need to install Adobe Reader. If you have any questions about applying or account terms and conditions, please contact Resurs Bank customer care tel. 09 622 4308 (Mon-Fri 8-17).

Eira’s Health Account financing brochure (Finnish)