Our specialists have many years’ experience of both extensive correction surgery and facelifts and milder aesthetic treatments in the facial area.
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Eyelid reconstruction

Eyelid reconstruction is among the most common forms of plastic surgery in Finland. You can always get an appointment quickly with us. Our professional plastic surgeons and eye surgeons have long experience. We perform procedures under local anaesthetic and you can return home the same day.

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A facelift usually involves surgically correcting changes to the lower part of the face that are caused by ageing. Other common facelift procedures include forehead lift, eyebrow lift and surgery on the area around the throat and chin.

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Rhinoplasty is always planned on an individual basis and in accordance with the customer’s needs. Rhinoplasty to correct function and appearance as a result of injury or disease usually involves recreating the original shape.

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Surgery for prominent ears

It is a good idea to operate on prominent ears prior to school age, but the surgery can of course be performed at a later stage. Kela reimburses the doctor’s fee for surgery on prominent ears in children. Differences between the ears due to accidents can usually be corrected surgically.

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Ultherapy® – facelift without surgery

You can now get a non-surgical facelift at Eira Hospital with the new treatment method Ultherapy®. Our experienced plastic surgeons have been specially trained in Ultherapy® and now also perform facelifts using Ultherapy® ultrasound treatment.

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Injection treatment – filler and Botulinum toxin treatment that smooths out the skin of the face

Injection treatments are known as soft lifts, i.e. effective ways to smooth out small wrinkles and furrows in order to achieve moderately filled out or characterised facial features in a non-surgical way.

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CO2 laser treatment for skin changes and facial treatment

Various laser treatments are used extensively to tackle skin changes and for skin smoothing. At Eira Hospital, we use a CO2 laser apparatus, among other methods, which is both effective and accurate.

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