Tuominen Reetta

Plastic surgeon
Language skills:Finnish, English
Specialities:Plastic Surgery
Fat transplantation - Lipomodelling
Breast lift
Breast reduction surgery
Breast augmentation using fat transfer
Abdominal wall surgery
Diastasis recti surgery
Palastic suregy clinic specialist
Doctor's fee max 30 min Specialistfrom 120.00 €
Doctor's fee max 45 min Specialistfrom 160.00 €
Doctor's fee max 60 min Specialistfrom 200.00 €
An outpatient clinic fee 22,90 € is added to the price of the appointment. With a series of treatments an outpatient clinic fee is 5,90 €/treatment. Kanta-fee 2,30 € will be charged from every appointment that involves saving information to the Kanta archive.
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