Thanks to the new SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) technology, it is possible to correct refractive errors without making a traditional flap in the eye. Instead, a disk, i.e. a “lenticule”, is made in the cornea by transmitting laser impulses in two layers. The lenticule is removed through a small incision and the cornea’s outer layer thus remains more intact, when compared with the traditional flap surgery. The risk of dry eyes following the procedure is significantly lower with the SMILE method. Studies show that the results of a SMILE procedure are excellent in terms of both correction of the refractive error and the recovery.

The first SMILE procedures in Finland have been performed at the Eira Eye Clinic.

The SMILE procedure is suitable for most people over 18 years of age, who use minus glasses, i.e. who are nearsighted and see distant objects blurry.
We assess whether the SMILE method is the best option for you in conjunction with the comprehensive pre-examination. 

The SMILE procedure enables you to get rid of your minus glasses, but it does not prevent you from needing reading glasses later on around the age of 45. The need for reading glasses comes with age no matter if you’ve had surgery or not. Read more



The laser vision correction process begins with a thorough initial evaluation during which our hospital optician charts your eyes’ health status and measures the astigmatism, intraocular pressure, your eyes and makes a corneal map of your eyes. The optical tomography of the retina (OCT) is performed when necessary.


Come in and find out if SMILE laser vision correction is appropriate for your eyes. During the pre-examination, your eyes are photographed and measured by the hospital optician using various instruments in order to work out which treatment method is most appropriate for your eyes.

Contact lenses cannot be used for one week prior to the initial evaluation or the surgery. During the initial evaluation, you are given eye drops that cause your pupils to dilate, which temporarily impairs your near vision and makes your eyes more sensitive to light. The pre-examination takes one hour.

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Surgeons who perform SMILE laser eye surgery at Eira Hospital
Kukkonen_Kirsi-Tiina.jpg Kukkonen Kirsi-Tiina Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon Book an appointment
Oksman_Petri.jpg Oksman Petri Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon Book an appointment
Suominen_Sakari.jpg Suominen Sakari Specialist in ophthalmology, eye surgeon Book an appointment
Price list
Laser vision correction Price Eira Terveystili*
Optician's pre-examination 0 €  
SMILE laser vision correction OFFER
Offer valid through 28/4/2023
1390 €/eye
1490 €

120,73 €/month
Femto-LASIK laser vision correction 1390 €/eye 120,73 €/month
PRK laser vision correction 1090 €/eye 95,73 €/month
Follow-ups Price
1 month after surgery with ophthalmologist 120-180 €  
6 months after surgery with optician 65 €  
Kukkonen Kirsi-Tiina, Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon
Oksman Petri, Specialist in ophthamology, Ophthalmic surgeon
Suominen Sakari, Specialist in ophthalmology, eye surgeon

An outpatient clinic fee 22,90 € and Kanta-fee 2,30 €are added, except for free pre-examinations.
*Eira Terveystili: e.g. with a 12 months interest installment (includes administration fees 58,80 €)

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