Price list

PAYMENT METHODS: You can pay by debit and credit cards (Visa/Visa Electron, Master Card, First card (Eurocard), American Express and Diners Club) and MobilePay.

Visa certificates, doctor's appointment Price

Doctor's appointment for visa certificate, adult

Doctor's appointment for visa certificate, child (under 15 years)

from 320 €

from 215 €

Doctors at Eira hospital who write visa certifications

Back Anna, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand
Lindberg Otto, Canada, USA

In addition to the physician's fee, laboratory and X-ray examinations as well as vaccinations required by visa certification are charged separately:

Laboratory examinations

New Zealand

Price estimate, adults and 11 years+

28 € – 355 €
from 216 €
75 € – 164 €
465 € – 614 €


Australia, Canada, New Zealand

Price estimate, adults

 no mandatory vaccinations
49 € – 425 €

X-ray examinations (thorax imaging for visa applications)

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA


171 €

A processing fee of 53 € and a Kanta fee of 2,70 € are added to the price of visa certificates. Printed certificates are 8,40 € per examination.